Vision Plus PC, your local partner, will solve all your computer issues.


  - Advices for best computer choice / Internet connection.
  - Hardware installation, system setup, initiation.
  - Software installation, configuration.
  - Installation / configuration Box Internet/TV/phone...
  - Disk cleanup, virus, spywares...
  - Personalized help and assistance.
  - Repair, maintenance on site (software).
  - Hardware repair, replacement.
  - If the problem is important, your computer will be taken in our workshop to perform a diagnostic. A preliminary estimate will be given to you before doing the job. then the computer will be brought back to your place.
  - Possibility to have secured remote maintenance. With this feature, we will connect remotely to your PC to assist you.



  - Close to you.
  - You will talk directly to your technician, no platform, no phone waiting-line.
  - Personalized service.
  - More than 15 years of experience in computer related systems installations.